I was invited to speak at GE Global Research's Whitney Symposium '09
in Niskayuna, New York, a 600 acre research campus on the Mohawk river... the legacy of one Thomas Edison.
It was a huge honor and an eye-opening experience (1,000 PhDs representing 22 disciplines in one building!).
The Theme for the Symposium was The Engineering of Customer Services.
Sound boring?
Not so, when you consider that 80% of the U.S. GDP is
not about Agriculture,
not about Manufacturing,
but about Services!

Like IBM before it, GE is pushing hard to become a services-driven company versus just a product company,
and the Symposium brought together thought leaders on services sciences, engineering and management, including
speakers form IBM's legendary Thomas Watson's Research Lab, MIT, Columbia Univeristy, and think tanks from Europe.

Click here for an overview of GE Global Research ...

Here is the symposium program ...

Here's a sampling of some of the speakers...

My Presentation, Business Process Management and Systems Thinking is available here.
The videos used in the presentation are here:
Cancel AOL
Situational Apps
Beyond the Crisis: The Future of Capitalism

And links to cited papers:
Work 2.0
Cloud Oriented Business Architecture
Business Platform in the Sky
Changing Role of the CIO (to Chief Process Officer)

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